No GMO Joe

What is a GMO and do we want it in our food? This is a 4 part video series that will inform you about GMO’s! Click Here to watch a video about it!

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, also known as GE (Genetically Engineered) or just GM . The name of it should be enough to scare you away from them….

To work, GMO’s change the DNA structures of the food… making them what I like to call FRANKENFOOD!

Unfortunately, GMO’s are everywhere and getting more prevalent by the day. More testing should have been done in labs, over years and years, before these things were let out into our food. Even if you don’t consume it personally, you could be getting it from the burger or chicken finger you ate for lunch. The animals are being fed GMO grains and therefore, so are you! They are hidden in many ways in other products from us.

Plants are not the only things being GMO’d! They are even trying to GMO fish, like Salmon! The GMO fish grows in half the time, so it’s great for the corporation that is selling the fish! Just like soybeans, corn, cotton and beets.. they supposedly have greater yields for the farmer, but at what cost to you and I? And what happens if one of these fish gets out of the farm and breeds with a normal salmon? Then the world is at risk! We will have GMO Salmon or other “fish” and nothing else.. this has got to be stopped! In fact a hearing was just held last week about GMO salmon. Once one fish gets approval, then they all will get approved like dominos falling…

GMO’s are not natural in any way, shape or form! They are mutations! People will say that our food has been modified already by cross breeding or some other form of combination, but these naturally occur in nature… not by injection of some concocted gene that helps a plant resist a pesticide or making an animal or fish growing faster than normal.

That’s enough for now,

No GMO Joe