Look for this label to verify non-GMO ingredients. This is a voluntary labeling system, verified by the www.nongmoproject.org, it will suffice until we get mandatory labeling for GMOs in our food products.

Let’s talk about the most common GMO crops in the USA. There are a few main ones that make it into almost every food product we eat! Especially, if it’s processed, found in a box or prepacking of any sort! Avoid them as much as you can by using the NON-GMO SHOPPING GUIDE. An up-to-date list of all things GMO related. They have a nice long listing of items to watch out for and tell you what to buy! Check it out!

The only way to really get rid of these GMO crops (and I am not sure we can ever get them totally eradicated) is to speak with our buying dollars! If you refuse to purchase items with GMO’s in them, sooner or later they will be eliminated… slowly of course!

Anyway, let me talk about a few of the top crops! Which are soybeans, corn, cotton and alfalfa.


GMO Soybeans are grown in 93% of the soybean crop acreage that we have in the USA. That’s scary! That’s too close to 100% for me!

Soy, in all its forms, is in almost everything we eat these days. It’s touted as being healthy and good for us by the food industry. I feel it’s the worst food on the planet and should be avoided at all costs. Even organic soy is not good for you, unless it’s fermented. It has carcinogens naturally, unless fermented.

It’s a very versatile bean! We can make oil, milk and a number of other products from it. Soybean oil, for example, is used for all salad dressings and mayonnaise products that I can find in the stores these days. I have yet to find one without it, that bothers me, so I revert to making my own sauces at home when I need them! Also, it seems that every fast food restaurant is frying (carcinogenic) your food in this GMO infested oil.

I suggest you stay clear of fast food and cook at home as much as you can. Preparing meals in advance is a good idea. Eating raw veggies and fruits is a better idea. More about that in a future blog!

Soy lecithin is used in many products also, again it’s GMO. Unless it says organic soy lecithin. Try to avoid products with non-organic soy lecithin if you can. Read your product labels.

Soy milk should be avoided too. There are other non-dairy options like almond milk, coconut milk or flax milk.

This is a tragedy that soybeans have been almost 100% genetically modified in the USA. I fear they will soon be 100% in the near future. GMO seeds cross contaminate organic farmland and are spread by natural causes, like the wind. We must stop this from happening any way that we can.


At least 86% of all USA corn is genetically modified. Corn and corn bi-products are also in almost everything prepacked from the market. Manufacturers have put corn into so many forms and into so many products, it’s insane, most of it is GMO.

Corn syrup, corn flakes, corn starch, corn sugar (dextrose), corn puffs, popcorn, corn chips, tortillas, tortilla chips and many other cereals and products. Just read your food labels to see how often corn shows up in your food. Corn is everywhere, its even used as fuel for your cars (which is a whole other concern). You can’t get away from it, but you can choose to make sure the corn you ingest is non-GMO. Another major problem with corn is that it’s used for animal feed. If that feed is made with GMO corn, then it will be in the meat you eat. This is where it gets a little complicated to make sure you are not consuming any GMOs. Because, if the animal consumed it, and you consume that animal, then you have those GMOs inside of you. Our best bet is to minimize our exposure as much we you can!

Another scary issue is that Monsanto is currently trying to get GMO sweet corn approved. We must fight this, join the fight. Sign this petition!

We must purge our food system of this GMO product, and all others!


You may ask cotton? Yes, Cottonseed oil is a GMO product! So are the clothes you are probably wearing! Yes, ugh that’s true! In my “Informative Products” section you will find a few links for Organic Cotton Clothing and other linens!

Cotton isn’t something we eat, but the cottonseed oil is and it’s in quite a few things! In fact, it’s the third in volume in the USA, behind Corn and, of course, soybean oil. Kind of sad that all three of our leading oils are GMO!

So watch for it on your labels and choose only organic cottonseed oil.


Now this one just got approved for use in the USA, despite a lot of opposition! Which just means we have to fight harder and get more people like those that choose to read my blog to speak out about things like this!

The scary thing about the alfalfa getting approved is that it is used for animal feed. Again the meat you eat is only as good as the things they eat. If it’s GMO food they are eating, well then that animal is going to pass those GMOs onto you!

I’ve read that alfalfa is a herbicide free crop, so why did they GMO it? Just so that Monsanto can have a patent on the seeds, that’s why! It’s crazy, these guys want to control our food supply from seed to you! And we end up being the guinea pigs in the end. They say it’s safe, but so did the tobacco companies, and look what happened with them!


Yep, that’s right they are GMOing Salmon! The GMO salmon can grow in half the time, so this makes it more profitable for the fish farms! I say so what! What’s wrong with the way they do it now? So it takes a fish it’s normal time to be ready to eat, who cares? I want a fish that is a fish and not some Frankenfish! We need to stop this crazy cycle of genetically modifying anything that we eat!

What happens if one of these fish gets out into the real world? Our real fish will be contaminated by this GMO DNA altered fish, which will pass on that DNA to it’s offspring, and we know fish usually have a lot of offspring, and the world will be overrun with fish that are out of control. Please watch this short video on YouTube: Frankenfish

There are many other crops that are GMO, like canola and sugar beets. Research your food!