Hi Everyone, hopefully you are all healthy and happy today!

I wanted to let you know that I added a new section! My new “Informative Products” tab on my menu has some links to some amazingly informative books and movies and other documents that might interest you! If you have seen them or read them, then GREAT! If you haven’t, well I suggest you obtain copies and start educating yourself. You can get them through the links I provided from Amazon.com. Or you can possibly find them in your local library, and for the movies check out YouTube.com for them.

I provide the links for you to purchase them for your own library, most are very inexpensive, some are outrageously pricey. I strive to provide you with the truth from other sources rather than just my ramblings. I also am not providing links to those books that are obvious propaganda from the chemical companies.

I hope you will check out the links. The do provide a source of income to help keep this blog going. I have also setup a way to donate through PayPal, if anyone cares to do so! Donations are obviously not required, I am just providing the link for those that can afford to help support the blog. There is no minimum donation, it’s whatever you want to give..


No GMO Joe