Just a little update I got on Facebook, thought I would share it with all those that follow my posts! You too can do something! Take action today! Get GMO’s labeled… there is no reason to let this kind of stuff go on any longer! 
Status update
By No GMOs
There are at least four known experimental GMO wheat trials underway in Washington state and dozens of additional experimental GMO crop trials in secret locations across the state. This puts our wheat exports at risk, as well as other crop markets including apples and potatoes.

BUT we can still do something! I encourage you to support GMO food labeling in Washington NOW.

Email the following Senators and ask them to move the GMO labeling bill SB 6298 to Rules:

1. Senate Majority Leader, Lisa Brown
2. Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, Senator Brian Hatfield

Email the following Representatives and ask them to move the GMO labeling bill HB 2637 to Rules:

1. House Speaker, Frank Chopp
2. House Agriculture Committee Chair, Rep. Brian Blake

It is our right to know what’s in our food. Don’t let anyone take it away from us.