Okay, the Presidential Election is over. The holidays have begun. My blogging is really slacking…lol.. and well, sadly, Prop 37 didn’t make it… I’m so horrified to see my fellow Californians vote this down, just because they are uninformed… It would not cost any corporation more money than they threw at the “No” vote ad campaign on this prop to relabel their food. In fact, it wouldn’t cost them much at all… I’d venture to say it costs NOTHING! They spent untold millions on trying to prevent this from passing, and they succeeded in their ad campaign. The ads were so stupid, how could they have fooled so many people? Wow! Society really is a bunch of puppets controlled by the propaganda machine. Do we hear them complain when they put “New and Improved” or some other such nonsense on the labels? No! Because that gets us to buy their product, it’s called marketing! What’s “New and Improved” is usually their profit margin! It’s never GOOD FOR US! Yet they don’t complain about the millions they just spent to defeat Prop 37, or the millions they will be spending to fight it in Washinton. They can surely afford to change the label when they want to, but not if they have to do it… that doesn’t make sense. So, I guess California doesn’t get to be informed about what is in the food. Even though it might be killing us all, we apparently don’t care…. WOW!

Thankfully there are companies that are responsible enough to know that we want this sort of label on our food, regardless if it’s the law or not, and a list can be found at the NON-GMO PROJECT. You will find these products in stores, look for the label on the package.

This project is not a complete list of those that use no GMO’s and let you know about it on their labels. You will find other responsible companies do label their products that have NO-GMO’s, even if they are not using this Project’s label. So do as I tend to do.. READ THE LABELS!

WASHINGTON is trying to label GMO’s NOW! 

Please show your support to get GMO labeling onto products in the USA. It must be mandatory or we will all suffer from these corporations sneaking in whatever they want into our food supply! It’s been beat down in California, so we must do what we can to help Washington’s I-522 pass. ImageClick this graphic to read about I-522.

If you live in Washington I urge you to vote for this.

It’s so sad that California voted Prop 37 down. We have a right to know what is in our food and I am appalled at the stupidity of the general public here in California! I do hope that, even though this proposition was voted down, those of you that do care about your health and your children’s health will continue to read labels. You will also avoid GMO foods as much as possible! Here is a link to a PDF file that you can printout and use for reference. There is even an app for your phone that helps you carry it with you… visit True Food Now to get your shopping guide or link to the phone application. I have it and will use it more often now that Prop 37 has been taken from me.

The big corporations like Monsanto are spending millions and millions on false information ads in every state that tries to label GMO’s, just like they did here in California. They threaten to sue, and all sorts of things to keep their monopoly on food growing. It’s the ultimate in corporate greed.. to control food from seed to table.. The only ones that can put an end to this or at least give it a good kick down their throats are YOU AND I!

Stay informed, buy organic when possible, and help however you can to defeat these corporate maniacs!