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Hi everyone! Just wanted you know, our store will open soon! We are working as fast as we can to get it up and operational! We look forward to serving you and providing you with my new product line! Domain transfer seems to be an issue at the moment but rest assured it will be resolved by the time the store is ready to launch! Come back often!


Okay, the Presidential Election is over. The holidays have begun. My blogging is really slacking…lol.. and well, sadly, Prop 37 didn’t make it… I’m so horrified to see my fellow Californians vote this down, just because they are uninformed… It would not cost any corporation more money than they threw at the “No” vote ad campaign on this prop to relabel their food. In fact, it wouldn’t cost them much at all… I’d venture to say it costs NOTHING! They spent untold millions on trying to prevent this from passing, and they succeeded in their ad campaign. The ads were so stupid, how could they have fooled so many people? Wow! Society really is a bunch of puppets controlled by the propaganda machine. Do we hear them complain when they put “New and Improved” or some other such nonsense on the labels? No! Because that gets us to buy their product, it’s called marketing! What’s “New and Improved” is usually their profit margin! It’s never GOOD FOR US! Yet they don’t complain about the millions they just spent to defeat Prop 37, or the millions they will be spending to fight it in Washinton. They can surely afford to change the label when they want to, but not if they have to do it… that doesn’t make sense. So, I guess California doesn’t get to be informed about what is in the food. Even though it might be killing us all, we apparently don’t care…. WOW!

Thankfully there are companies that are responsible enough to know that we want this sort of label on our food, regardless if it’s the law or not, and a list can be found at the NON-GMO PROJECT. You will find these products in stores, look for the label on the package.

This project is not a complete list of those that use no GMO’s and let you know about it on their labels. You will find other responsible companies do label their products that have NO-GMO’s, even if they are not using this Project’s label. So do as I tend to do.. READ THE LABELS!

WASHINGTON is trying to label GMO’s NOW! 

Please show your support to get GMO labeling onto products in the USA. It must be mandatory or we will all suffer from these corporations sneaking in whatever they want into our food supply! It’s been beat down in California, so we must do what we can to help Washington’s I-522 pass. ImageClick this graphic to read about I-522.

If you live in Washington I urge you to vote for this.

It’s so sad that California voted Prop 37 down. We have a right to know what is in our food and I am appalled at the stupidity of the general public here in California! I do hope that, even though this proposition was voted down, those of you that do care about your health and your children’s health will continue to read labels. You will also avoid GMO foods as much as possible! Here is a link to a PDF file that you can printout and use for reference. There is even an app for your phone that helps you carry it with you… visit True Food Now to get your shopping guide or link to the phone application. I have it and will use it more often now that Prop 37 has been taken from me.

The big corporations like Monsanto are spending millions and millions on false information ads in every state that tries to label GMO’s, just like they did here in California. They threaten to sue, and all sorts of things to keep their monopoly on food growing. It’s the ultimate in corporate greed.. to control food from seed to table.. The only ones that can put an end to this or at least give it a good kick down their throats are YOU AND I!

Stay informed, buy organic when possible, and help however you can to defeat these corporate maniacs!

Just a quick re…

Just a quick reminder for all my fellow Californians! Election day is coming soon, less than 30 days. We All need to vote YES on Prop 37, the LABEL GMO’s Proposition that is so important to the entire nation! We need to set an example and not be bullied by corporate thugs with deep pockets making stupid claims that it will hurt the companies that use them or that adding the label to their can or bag will cost so much more.. They put NEW and IMPROVED on everything…. they surely can stuff a NO GMO’s label on it, or say YES there are GMO’s in our product! The commercial that says something about labeling meat in pet food and not in our meat, is so bogus and not even a valid excuse to discount this prop. The dog food probably is more CORN based than our meat, even though the MEAT is fed CORN… ugh.. anyhow, I think the commercial is really weak in it’s message. Don’t be fooled by these No on 37 people, they are all corporate slimeballs that want to make the entire US population into guinea pigs for their experiments.. and until we all stand up and say NO WAY, which a YES ON 37 vote will do, then they have all the power and control over our food and can do what they want. 

Monsanto threatens to sue California over this… well so be it, but that won’t change the fact that people here are aware and want our food labeled and that we don’t want their FRANKENFOOD anymore! I would think they should be trying to each and everyone of us, instead of the State.. The state just does what the people want.. or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.. 




Yes friends, today I wanted to share with you how to make your own Kombucha – RAW, ORGANIC and HEALTHY FOR YOU…. it’s so yummy!

First what is Kombucha? The simple answer is: It’s fermented Sweet Tea. Green or Black, or if you make it like mine – a combo of the two! So what’s the long answer? I’ll keep that simple too.. and you can find out more about Kombucha at this website: What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is healthy for you, it’s a bit vinegary and sweet at the same time. Actually quite tasty.

You can buy it at the store for around $5.00 for a 16oz bottle. That is what I used to do myself.. but that gets expensive! So I tried to find out how to make it. Well you can find a lot of info on this thing called a S.C.O.B.Y. otherwise known as a “Kombucha Mushroom”…. S.C.O.B.Y. is the more correct term….meaning “Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast”, it has both beneficial bacteria and yeast in a delicate balance. The “mushroom” term comes from the way the thing feels, but it’s not a fungus.. so therefore not a mushroom! I prefer to say SCOBY too, cause it’s fun and people look at you like you’re nuts! Ha!

You can find SCOBY’s online for about $10 – $20, or you can find someone who makes Kombucha and get a “baby scoby” from them. The SCOBY’s are designated as Mothers and Babies!

I think that’s cute! Don’t you?

This is because EVERY batch of tea you make will produce a “baby” and you can give away the baby to someone who wants to make their own Kombucha. So far I have no babies!

You can also try to sell them online.. I looked and looked! I found a few people who had SCOBY’s for free but I couldn’t hook up with them in time to get one, usually cause of conflicting schedules. And when I did have the time to get one, the thing had already been scooped up by someone else looking for one!

Yes, they are getting more popular!

So, I decided to try to figure out how to create my own SCOBY. I was thinking if I can make a “Sourdough starter” by letting flour and water stand in the room and attract wild yeast from the air, maybe the SCOBY would appear like magic too! Of course this was not the case, but I ran across a site that just said to use a bottle of RAW, ORGANIC KOMBUCHA from the store… I was more than willing to try that!

Once you go looking for this stuff, you will notice all sorts of flavors that it comes in. You have to get the unflavored kind. (And once I get the hang of it, I plan to flavor a batch or two of my own.) Note.. flavoring happens AFTER the Kombucha is “brewed”, so you still have to make the standard Kombucha recipe first!

So I went to the store and bought my LAST $5.00 bottle of Kombucha.. but it was on sale, so it was around $3.50.. still… ha ha.. that’s the last one I plan to ever buy…

It seemed like a nice experiment to try, cost is low.. just some tea bags, about a gallon of water and a cup of sugar… what did I have to lose?

What I read is that it just takes a bit more time to get the finished Kombucha, because the SCOBY is not already formed, but there are traces of the SCOBY in the RAW drink, YAY!..

That was fine by me and I was stoked to try this, because my SCOBY hunt was getting annoying and taking forever.

I wanted Kombucha now!!!

I had already spent a month trying to get a SCOBY from someone.. and I almost ordered the overpriced one, from the web! Even thought of trying the local brewing supply to see if they had SCOBY’s for sale or not. But I found this other method!

So, I got my ingredients together for the big experiment and here is what I had….


1 Gallon Sun Tea Jar w/ spikot
6 Tea bags ( 4 black and 2 green – this is my mix, but you can always change it up to whatever you want if that doesn’t turn out the way you like)
1 16oz bottle of RAW, ORGANIC UNFLAVORED KOMBUCHA (from the grocery store)
3 quarts of CLEAN WATER!  (use the purest you can get.. distilled is great)
Rubber band (long enough to fit around top of tea jar)


  • Put the water on to boil… once it boils, turn it off.
  • Add in the cup of organic sugar.and stir to dissolve.
  • Throw in the tea bags.
  • Set the pot aside with a lid on top to cool off to room temperature…

Perfect to start this at night and by morning you will be ready to start. As you can see in the picture I have my tea steeping in the sugar-water. 15 minutes is what most people do, but I want to get the most out of my tea bags so I let them cool in the water overnight and remove them in the morning. If you have tea bags with tags and strings on them, you should remove the tag, as it will just fall apart in the water. The strings are optionally removable!

I let the bottle of store-bought RAW, ORGANIC, UNFLAVORED Kombucha sit on the counter and warm to room temp. It sat out overnight also, right along side the tea. Kombucha needs a temperature of about 75 degrees F to ferment properly. So I wanted any mother material in the kombucha bottle to come out of dormancy. (The SCOBY will go dormant when placed in the fridge.) And caring for it is another topic! I have a way around the constant care that seems to be needed with most Kombucha recipes you will find online and I will explain that later.

Now when everything is cooled to room temp… around 70 to 80 degrees.. you can start the experiment.

  • Take the one gallon tea jar, clean it.  Don’t wash it with anti-bacterial soaps or anything like that, they will kill the SCOBY. Use old-fashioned SOAP and water, then soak it in a sink full of water, with one cup of white vinegar added to it. Soak the jar for 15 minutes. This will sterilize the jar.  then soak in Vinegar for 15 minutes. You should also do this with any and all utensils or pots used in this experiment. We want successful attempts, so using stainless utensils and cookware is key. Remove the tea jar from the soak and let air dry. Don’t use a towel to speed drying you might get lint in your tea jar.
  • Add the store-bought bottle of Kombucha to the tea jar. Make sure it’s ORGANIC, RAW, UNFLAVORED KOMBUCHA.
  • Add sweet tea to the jar until it is almost full. I kept my level at just below the point where the jar starts to curve towards the lid. SCOBY’s need air to work, so the more surface area and oxygen that can get to it the better. Notice the level you see in the picture, this is as high as I think you should fill your jar, give the Kombucha at least 2 inches of space from the top.
  • Place the cheese cloth, folded in half, over the lid area.
  • Place the rubber band around the jar to hold the cloth in place. This keeps out any bugs and allows the SCOBY to breath and ferment the tea. It must have oxygen to work.
  • Place the jar in an area where it is warm, not hot or cold. I used my kitchen cabinet. You want to make sure it’s a place where the tea will not be disturbed.
  • Let it sit for about 2 to 3 weeks.

Drink any leftover sweet tea you have after you fill the jar! It’s great to have on a hot summer day!

If you look closely at this photo you will notice the little white things on top of the tea, this was my SCOBY starting to grow after about a week. I was curious as to what that was, because it was only in a small area of the jar.

Another 10 days and I had a full-blown SCOBY all the way across my tea jar! You can keep an eye on it and when it looks like it’s about a 1/4 inch thick I would say your tea is done… You have to test it to see if you like it, some people ferment it fewer days and some more.. depends on your how you like it…. Fewer days will result in a much sweeter drink, and longer days will result in a more acidic or vinegary drink..

I like it in between.

If you have bought Kombucha at the store and tried it, then you know what taste you are looking for. If you have never bought or tasted Kombucha, I suggest you go try a bottle of RAW, UNFLAVORED, ORGANIC KOMBUCHA for yourself. If you don’t think you can get used to the taste, then don’t waste your time making this. But if you like it, by all means, make your own!

In this picture you can see my SCOBY quite clearly! It is not mold on my tea, it’s a living, breathing colony of beneficial yeast and bacteria! Providing you with all sorts of probiotics and enzymes. So good for your gut flora! Also in this picture you can see that my jar has been drained of most of the tea that was in it. I used the old Kombucha bottles that I had been buying and retaining to fill and put them into the fridge so I have Kombucha to drink when I want. Those little 1/2 quart jars got to be a hassle, so now I just use big 1 qt Mason Jars to store my Kombucha!

Okay, so you have made your Kombucha and bottled it, and it’s all tasting fine… what to do about that remaining tea and that SCOBY?


Two options:

Option #1:

One batch at a time method.

  • Rinse your hands in vinegar.
  • Remove the SCOBY from the jar and place in a resealable bag.
  • Add tea to the bag to give your SCOBY something to feed on while in storage.
  • Put in the fridge.
  • Take it out when you need to make a new batch.
  • Bring to room temp.
  • Make new batch, creates a baby.. store or give away. I’m also told you can feed them to animals or eat them yourself.. Not sure I want to try that!

Option #2

Continuous Brewing

  • Make new batch of Sweet Tea
  • Replace the Kombucha you harvested with the new tea.
  • Allow a few days for more Kombucha to be made…. repeat!


I decided I did not want to hassle with taking it out and saving it in a plastic bag until my next batch.

No need to get another bottle of Kombucha from the store or try to revive your SCOBY from the cold, you simply add ROOM TEMPERATURE tea back into your jar, make sure to cover it with the cheesecloth again and let it sit a few days. It will not take as long because you already have active ingredients in the jar, so the SCOBY will get to work on that new batch of sweet tea immediately!

When I poured my new tea into my jar, I went as slow as I could, but my SCOBY sorta tilted in the jar, because it covers the entire top so you can’t help but hit it with your tea you are pouring in the jar. I went slow so as not to put a hole in it.. ha, but it’s a little funny looking.. I am told your SCOBY can be on top, sink to the bottom or be on its side and it will still work just fine!

I have made one additional batch with the SCOBY in this position, letting the tea sit only 5 or 6 days, and it worked great. I am ready to make my third batch this weekend!

I only have one quart left, so I better get to it!

Doing the continuous brewing method is actually more beneficial to you and the Kombucha.

There are more beneficial things that are created the longer the tea brews, so continuous brewing your tea will give you these additional benefits.

Kombucha takes a few weeks to create at first, but a new batch can be made quite quickly after that, and you may want to use a bigger size jar for yours, 2 or 3 gallons. Just pump up the recipe with the same proportion of sugar to tea.

All you have to keep on doing is making sweet tea each week and enjoy your healthy Kombucha… Read more about it.. you’ll be really excited of all the benefits it actually provides.


Some good news from my senator this evening! I hope more join in the cause though! Thanks Barbara Boxer for your help in this effort to label GMO products!

Official Website of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer: Press Releases – Boxer, DeFazio Join Colleagues in Urging FDA to Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods.

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Continuing with my mini series on Saving Money on Gasoline

There are many ways you can cut your fuel costs.  In my last post I only focused upon how to save on getting the fuel into your vehicle.  In this blog post I will focus on using that fuel to the fullest by concentrating on driving habits.  Yes we all have them.  Bad ones and good ones.   A few of us think we are the new Mario Andretti‘s of the world, and a few of us drive like we got our license from a box of Cracker Jack.  All in all, the way you drive is where most of your fuel gets consumed, so the type of driving also matters a lot.

The California Highway Patrol used to recommend leaving a 2 second gap between the car in front of you, lately I have heard it is 4 seconds!  That’s a good distance to prevent accidents and also to save gas!  There is no reason to try to “draft” behind someone on the freeway, you will not save that much gas compared to the danger you are putting yourself and the person in front of you in.  The reason I mention this is that you should always try to keep your car moving and use as little breaking as possible to get the most of your fuel.

Leaving a gap of 2 to 4 seconds lets you slow your car when you see break lights ahead, without the sudden stopping that is common the freeways of today.  Letting your car slow to the traffic ahead or to the next red light wastes less fuel.  Everyone seems to tailgate and everyone is in a hurry to get the one car length ahead of each other.  This is a major waste of fuel.  The fuel used to propel your car should be used to it’s fullest to get the best mileage from your vehicle.

Jackrabbit starts and stops waste a ton of energy! You should start off slowly and accelerate slowly also.  I am not talking a snails pace but not jamming on the gas to beat the other person to the next red light either.  When you accelerate too fast you waste fuel, and when stopping fast you lose all the built up momentum.  Therefore, you waste fuel! This is the basic reason cars get such bad mileage in town as opposed to on the freeways.  Lots of stop and go at lights and stop signs. So here is a tip or two on how to try to save yourself some expense and get a bit better mileage.

AUTOMATICS:  If you have an automatic transmission and your car is completely stopped at a light or sign, you should allow the car to move forward using the idle speed power that is already there, before you give it gas.  A vehicle weighs a lot and to get it moving from a stopped position takes a lot of energy.  Once it’s moving it takes less energy to keep it moving.  So just allowing your car to creep forward on it’s own for a second after you release the break pedal will save you some of the energy needed to get the car up to speed.  This of course doesn’t work on hills, you will have to give it gas! 😦

MANUALS:  If you have a manual transmission and your car is completely stopped at a light or sign, well… your car may or may not move forward when you let off the brake – depends on the incline of the road, it may even roll backwards.. so you have to take caution into your hands when doing this with a manual transmission, but most of the time you will find that you will roll forward, unless on a hill…. So if you can let your car roll forward before letting out the clutch. If on a hill, just start off as slow as you can.

SHIFTING: If you own an automatic, it will shift on it’s own. I recommend using the cruise control as much as possible when on the freeway. It can save up to 6% of your fuel. But to get up to speed, you should accelerate slowly and safely. (Safety note: Always enter the freeway at the speed of traffic and not a much slower speed or much faster speed.) If you own a manual transmission, this is how I do it… I use my tachometer, at 70 mph, in 5th gear my vehicle is at about 2800 rpms. I use this as my shifting rpm for all gears.. winding the engine out to almost redline is silly and wasteful. I just shift when the vehicle is at or near 2800 rpms and it works well to get me up to speed at a decent rate of acceleration. So figure out what rpm your vehicle runs at when you are at cruising speed and use that as a guideline. If you don’t have a tachometer, well let’s just say don’t wind out the motor til it’s screaming to shift.. Be consistent in the way you shift or accelerate.

Tailgating: This is a big pet peeve of mine. Why are you tailgating? Are you stupid? Do you want to hurt yourself or others? Or just play bumper cars with that car in front of you? You are accelerating and putting on the brakes constantly when you tailgate, because you can’t maintain a constant speed. You are constantly in the jackrabbit mode, which wastes a ton of fuel. You waste your cars built up energy when you brake and waste more when you have to accelerate again to catch back up the persons bumper you are crowding. Allow that space of 2 to 4 seconds between you and the car in front of you that I talked about earlier. If you can’t do that much, then leave at least the space for a big rig to fit in between you and the car in front of you. If someone is in your way, plan how to get around them, by changing lanes BEFORE you get caught up to them. Use your brain, in other words. I see so many rear end collisions in my travels around Southern California, and I drive to a lot of different places. There are at least one or two every day when I am going or coming from work. Why? Tailgating! It wastes fuel… no you aren’t “drafting” like a race car you fool, you are are endangering your life and the people in front of you as well as those around you.  If you want to race, go try out for NASCAR. Stop being rude and just go around the slower person or be patient and relax at the speed of traffic, keeping that safe distance behind the car in front of you.  Of course if you like expensive repairs to your car, love being without a car for weeks on end, bumming rides,having your insurance rates increase and putting a point or two on your driving record then ignore me!

Just a little update I got on Facebook, thought I would share it with all those that follow my posts! You too can do something! Take action today! Get GMO’s labeled… there is no reason to let this kind of stuff go on any longer! 
Status update
By No GMOs
There are at least four known experimental GMO wheat trials underway in Washington state and dozens of additional experimental GMO crop trials in secret locations across the state. This puts our wheat exports at risk, as well as other crop markets including apples and potatoes.

BUT we can still do something! I encourage you to support GMO food labeling in Washington NOW.

Email the following Senators and ask them to move the GMO labeling bill SB 6298 to Rules:

1. Senate Majority Leader, Lisa Brown
2. Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, Senator Brian Hatfield

Email the following Representatives and ask them to move the GMO labeling bill HB 2637 to Rules:

1. House Speaker, Frank Chopp
2. House Agriculture Committee Chair, Rep. Brian Blake

It is our right to know what’s in our food. Don’t let anyone take it away from us.

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Today I wanted to kind of diverge into a different area of interest of mine.  Trying to get the best mileage out of my vehicle as I possibly can!  I wanted to share with you some fuel saving tips that I have learned lately.  We all know OIL is big business.  I, for one, want to give them as little of my money as possible!  We all know that gas prices are insanely high and the oil corporations are making ridiculously high profits.  So the more you can save on your gas and take more from these mega-corporations, the better!

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce your fuel costs.  Most of them are minor and will save you just tenths of pennies, but after a while it adds up.  Others save you a bit more, maybe into the pennies or even dollars.  Do not undervalue the saving of a penny!

I like to get the best mileage I can out of my vehicle, so I try my best to do these things.  As I find more ways to save, I find that I must share them with everyone!  I want to get the word out to as many people as I can!

Filling your tank!

We all seem to search out the lowest prices we can get on our favorite gasoline, but did you know the time of day and how fast you pump matters too?  That’s right, most of us don’t think about it, we just fill up when we are empty!  Here are a few tips to get the most from your fuel purchase!

Fill up in the morning. Gasoline evaporates at a low temperature, therefore is more dense when it is cooler.  You will get more gasoline into your tank if you fill it up in the cooler morning temperatures, as opposed to the heat of the day.  The colder the fuel is the more dense it is.  So filling up in the morning is the best time to do so.  A gallon of gas weighs more at 0°C (32°F) than it does at 20°C (68°F) .  You get more fuel when the fuel is coldest.  Although the tanks are underground and insulated, like a thermos, the temperature is fairly constant day to day, after each truckload of fuel the temperature can change depending on the temp of the fuel in the truck though.  The real difference though will be in the fuel that is in the pipes and hose outside the tank, which can be a few gallons of gas depending on how far the gas has to travel from the tank to the pump you are using! I believe this to be the case just because the pipes and the pumps are closer to the surface and will have temperature fluctuations. Also, there has to be a pipe leading to all the pumps in the system so it stands to reason that the further away a pump is from a tank the more temperature fluctuations there will be in that part of the system.

Pump your gas slowly!  For the same reason you want to fill up your car in the morning, you also want to pump it as slow as possible.  You want to keep the fuel from being vaporized as you pump it.  The new pumps have the nozzles that pull the vapors off for a reason, they go right back into the underground tanks!  So the slower you pump, the less vapor is created and the more gas you will have in your tank, instead of theirs.  It’s minuscule savings of vaporized gasoline, but still important to know that it can make a difference over time!  This savings may not be worth the time to pump so slowly! That’s up to you and your schedule and if you are serious or not about saving any amount you can, no matter how small!

Keep your tank above 1/2 full. Fill up your tank when it gets to 1/2!  Yes that’s right!  Don’t wait for it to get to empty!  Although people will argue about the weight of the fuel being an issue, it’s really not that much weight.  A gallon of gasoline weighs about 6 lbs.  So even if you have an older car with one of those massive 22 gallon tanks, you are only talking about 132 lbs.  Do you really think that 132 lbs is anything to your cars mileage?  I think not!  That’s just like adding one more average sized person to your car.  Except that the tank will lose weigh as you drive and the person will not!

Ok, so the reason to fill your tank up at the half way point is to prevent condensation, not reduce vaporization of the gasoline!  Your vehicle should have a vapor recovery system so any vapors produced are usually recirculated back into your tank or consumed when your engine is running.  WATER forming from condensation and mixing with your gas, can be a problem… Water in your fuel makes it break down faster and reduces it’s volatility, which can give you less energy out of the fuel.

Buy the CHEAP gas!  For those of you that think that ARCO is not as good as Chevron or Shell, go ahead and keep on paying the higher prices.  Chevron adds “Techron” to their gas, and Shell adds that “V-power” only to their premium fuel. The additives are not necessary for your car to run or stay clean inside!  If you are worried about it, you can buy a fuel additive, like Techron, at the local auto parts store that you add to your car every 5000 or so miles.  You might pay $5 for the bottle for those 5000 miles, but you will pay more if you get it in your gas.  Arco in my area lately has been about $3.599 a gallon.  Chevron, Shell and some others have been in around the $3.759 range! That’s $0.16 difference per gallon!  So for every 10 gallons you pay $1.60 more. Not bad.. but how many miles do you get on that tank?  If you drive a Hybrid you might be getting a nice 40 miles per gallon… so let’s call that 400 miles for those 10 gallons!  Most cars won’t get this great mileage and will get fewer miles for the 10 gallons, and so will cost more!  At 4000 miles you are at $16.00 difference and another 1000 miles adds another $4.00!  So you are paying $20 dollars extra per 5000 miles to have it put in your fuel, when you can save $15.00 by going to the store, buying the additive and  pouring it into your tank when you fill up.

Over the years, there have been so many news reports talking about gasoline being the same quality at every station, just differing in octanes that I am convince the brand doesn’t matter, it’s all hype!  I’ve seen no name brand tankers at name brand gas stations pumping fuel into their tanks so I am not a fan of the name brands. I doubt it really matters at all.  Octane matters, brands don’t, the brands just use marketing ploys to say they are better in some obscure way.  Buy the cheap stuff and save yourself some cash!  If your buy the cheap gas and your car runs badly try a different station or increase the octane rating of the fuel you are buying.  It’s important that you use the correct octane or higher for your vehicle!  To find the right octane gas value for your vehicle, look in your owners manual for your vehicle.

Use CASH!  You remember that green paper stuff, don’t you?  Don’t pay interest on your gas by using a credit card!  Don’t pay a debit card fee either!  Use cash and avoid this extra charge!

Debit card stations usually charge a fee to use the card.  Arco has been charging a debit card fee over the past years that I can remember has gone from 25 cents to 35 cents now!  If you use your debit card at any station that has an added fee, you are paying a hefty increase in your gas price.  At 35 cents a tank full you are paying at least 3.25 cents more a gallon – assuming you have a 10 gallon tank and it’s empty.  Most cars have small tanks, 10 – 16 gallons in size, and if you have one have say a 10 gallon tank, you will pay 3.5 cents more a gallon to fill it up when it is BONE DRY!  Pay attention to that added charge and how much it’s adding to your per gallon prices.

Credit cards are probably even worse to use.  Especially if you have a balance. Obviously rates vary and some of us get great rates, but if you don’t pay it off each month you are paying interest on items your bought a while ago and continue to do so EVERY month! This is an endless circle and the topic for another day. If you want to continue to pay for that tank of gas over and over and over, then keep using your credit card to pay for it!

Cash is the best policy!  Once it’s spent, it’s gone and you get the product you purchased, so there is no overspending.  No additional or ongoing fees or interest to pay.

When not to buy fuel! The worst time to get your fuel is when the tanker is filling the tanks or has just left.  The reason is the sediment in the tank that sits in the bottom of the tank, normally, has now been stirred up and can get into your tank!  This can clog your fuel filter and cause other issues in your fuel system.

If you do see a truck refilling the tanks at a station, go to another station or risk getting the debris from the bottom of the tank into your vehicle’s tank!  I suggest you just move on to another station, or wait a few hours to let the new fuel settle down and let that sediment to go back to the bottom of the station’s tank.

The gas station tanks should have filters, but who changes them and how often do they need or get changed?  You may never have a problem with dirt in your fuel if the station and your vehicle fuel filter are in good working order.  But, if you have a vehicle like mine, the fuel filter is almost impossible to get to, and it takes some real effort to get it changed.  (I guess the old days of having the fuel filter in your car, near the firewall, are gone)  Why would I want to take the chance of clogging it up if the stations filters are not maintained properly?  This will just cost me way more money. Best to just avoid the situation when the fuel tanker is there and not have to worry about the filter system being maintained properly at the station.

Try using some or all of these tips and see if you see a difference in the amount your spending on fuel over the next few months or longer.  Depending on how many miles you drive a year the savings could be nothing or something substantial.

This ends part one of my mini series on Saving Money on Gasoline.