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Brown rice.

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

I have enjoyed my mini vacation this past month, but now it’s time to get back to work and keep blogging. Today I wanted to just talk about what I am doing today.

I am making Organic Rice Milk from scratch.

Using organic brown rice, clean reverse osmosis water, some powdered kelp, and sea salt. That’s pretty much the ingredients, aside from some flavorings (cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla). It’s on the stove simmering for the next three hours. I will post the recipe on my recipe section later today. I always like to try out recipes before I actually post them, so if this doesn’t work out I may not post it until I get a good tasting recipe. I wouldn’t want to give you a recipe that doesn’t work, or that I have not tried myself. Sometimes I find a recipe but it needs to be altered, so I work on changing amounts, use a substitute organic ingredient, or add something to it to make it better…. in my opinion of course!

Why rice milk

Main reason is that I need to get off of dairy products because dairy apparently promotes snoring, especially if you drink or eat it right before bed. It promotes mucous creation, so it clogs you up.  I actually have sleep apnea, so I am trying to limit any factors that make me snore.

Rice milk is very inexpensive to make. Why pay three dollars or more per half gallon, when you can make it at home for the cost of a half cup to a cup of rice? What’s that cost? I’d say 30 cents in rice, and depending on where you get your water another 0- 15 cents for a half gallon. Even if you buy organic brown rice, like I do, the cost is still minimal. I feel these companies that are making rice milk are ripping us off. I can see paying a bit more for a nut milk just because nuts are pricey and so are a bit more expensive to make. I am sure you can still produce a nut (almond, flax, coconut, sunflower, brazil nuts… etc.. ) milk cheaper than buying it though. Most of the product is water anyhow, so what are you really paying for in the first place? Flavored water, that’s what!

Oh! Let’s not forget all the special additives that they put in it, to give it the consistency of cows milk (1 or 2%). Soy Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, sweeteners, potassium citrate, carrageenan, calcium carbonate, artificial flavors, artificial colors and maybe a few vitamins. It’s a GMO nightmare. The rice milk I am making only adds cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla extract to flavor it. You should try to find organic spices, but since there are not any genetically modified spices, normal ones will do if you want to keep the costs down. Vanilla extract being the most expensive item in the list.. not much is needed though.

I still think that making a half gallon for under a buck is better than buying some GMO infested product off the shelf, just for the ease and convienence of having it premade. Hopefully there are some non-GMO brands on the shelves, I have not seen one yet. This is why I chose to make my own. I hope that this experiment will turn out well. Look for the recipe later today to be posted in the recipe section.

Ok aside from cost and GMO’s, rice milk has some health benefits: It is low in cholesterol, can help you in losing weight, it’s naturally sweet – so the maple syrup can be an optional item, boosts your immune system and can be good for your heart. See this article for more info: Benefits of Rice Milk. You can research more on your own.

I’m excited to try this out. Do look for the recipe to be posted later today or tomorrow.

Again, Happy New Year to you all! May you have a great GMO free year!

Remember to sign the petitions to label GMO’s if you live in California. You will see people everywhere trying to get signatures, please sign it! We need this to be a law so that we know what is in our food! I feel we have a right to know!


Enjoy the holidays

So.. it’s a few days after Christmas. I know you all ate food you know you shouldn’t have! GMO or not. It’s very hard to avoid at this time of the year. Cakes, puddings, candy, pies, breads, meats, salads and all sorts of interesting Christmas fair are abundant during the holidays. It’s very hard to avoid at a family get together, with this type of food, unless you brought everything you were going to eat yourself, you probably had to eat something that was laced with GMOs. I brought an organic salad to my family gathering. It was a hit, even got a few compliments! I try to bring my organic recipes to my family gatherings to entice my family to eat better. Probably falling on deaf ears though, but at least I know I am doing my body good.

If you did partake of the wonderful goodies your family prepared, that’s probably ok. Just be aware of how much processed food you eat, and the fact that most processed food contains some sort of GMO ingredient. You know most people are not making these goodies from scratch, where the ingredients may or may not be organic, but more than likely it’s coming from a box.

It’s time to get back to the all organic foods you should be eating.

If you had an all organic Christmas, that’s awesome!

Now the sad thing is, no matter how much you care about your family, convincing them to switch to all organic is hard. If your family is like mine, well, they don’t seem to care if the food they eat is organic or not. No matter how much I preach to them, they just give me that line; “We are all going to die anyway!” LOL, yes, but why make it a horrible and painful one? Oh well, I guess I will be the only one without some form of ailment that GMO’s can possibly cause.

Most of us in the USA do ingest GMOs, but limiting your exposure at least can be helpful. Read your food labels, use the NO GMO SHOPPING GUIDE. Download it, print it, and take it with you to the store… read the labels, compare to the list, and you will be wanting to buy nothing but Organic. Or at least wanting your food to have as few GMOs as possible! I doubt at this point that we can all avoid GMOs, but we can sure try our best to avoid them as much as possible, by using the guide religiously!

Cutting down on buying GMO products them will do two things! One, you’ll be healthier and have fewer ailments that are possibly linked to GMOs. And two, send a message to the food industry that we don’t want them in our food. I support the LABEL GMOS effort here in California! The effort is to get the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act  put on the ballot. If it gets on the ballot we will have a chance to get them to pass legislation that will require food manufacturers that use GMOs to let us know they are in our food. This will be huge! If it passes, and I surely hope it does, it will really send the food industry a message when consumers that are informed stop buying their frankenfood! I hope, if you live in California, that you will soon seek out the people that are trying to collect signatures and sign the petition! I also hope that once it’s on the ballot that you will vote in favor of getting our food labeled properly. I want to see food at the store that says “CONTAINS GMOS”! I will not buy these products and it will make it so much easier for me to shop and not have to read every ingredient list and refer to the NO GMO SHOPPING GUIDE as much! I am looking forward to that day!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I wish you a Happy “No GMO” New Year!

GMO crops

Look for this label to verify non-GMO ingredients. This is a voluntary labeling system, verified by the, it will suffice until we get mandatory labeling for GMOs in our food products.

Let’s talk about the most common GMO crops in the USA. There are a few main ones that make it into almost every food product we eat! Especially, if it’s processed, found in a box or prepacking of any sort! Avoid them as much as you can by using the NON-GMO SHOPPING GUIDE. An up-to-date list of all things GMO related. They have a nice long listing of items to watch out for and tell you what to buy! Check it out!

The only way to really get rid of these GMO crops (and I am not sure we can ever get them totally eradicated) is to speak with our buying dollars! If you refuse to purchase items with GMO’s in them, sooner or later they will be eliminated… slowly of course!

Anyway, let me talk about a few of the top crops! Which are soybeans, corn, cotton and alfalfa.


GMO Soybeans are grown in 93% of the soybean crop acreage that we have in the USA. That’s scary! That’s too close to 100% for me!

Soy, in all its forms, is in almost everything we eat these days. It’s touted as being healthy and good for us by the food industry. I feel it’s the worst food on the planet and should be avoided at all costs. Even organic soy is not good for you, unless it’s fermented. It has carcinogens naturally, unless fermented.

It’s a very versatile bean! We can make oil, milk and a number of other products from it. Soybean oil, for example, is used for all salad dressings and mayonnaise products that I can find in the stores these days. I have yet to find one without it, that bothers me, so I revert to making my own sauces at home when I need them! Also, it seems that every fast food restaurant is frying (carcinogenic) your food in this GMO infested oil.

I suggest you stay clear of fast food and cook at home as much as you can. Preparing meals in advance is a good idea. Eating raw veggies and fruits is a better idea. More about that in a future blog!

Soy lecithin is used in many products also, again it’s GMO. Unless it says organic soy lecithin. Try to avoid products with non-organic soy lecithin if you can. Read your product labels.

Soy milk should be avoided too. There are other non-dairy options like almond milk, coconut milk or flax milk.

This is a tragedy that soybeans have been almost 100% genetically modified in the USA. I fear they will soon be 100% in the near future. GMO seeds cross contaminate organic farmland and are spread by natural causes, like the wind. We must stop this from happening any way that we can.


At least 86% of all USA corn is genetically modified. Corn and corn bi-products are also in almost everything prepacked from the market. Manufacturers have put corn into so many forms and into so many products, it’s insane, most of it is GMO.

Corn syrup, corn flakes, corn starch, corn sugar (dextrose), corn puffs, popcorn, corn chips, tortillas, tortilla chips and many other cereals and products. Just read your food labels to see how often corn shows up in your food. Corn is everywhere, its even used as fuel for your cars (which is a whole other concern). You can’t get away from it, but you can choose to make sure the corn you ingest is non-GMO. Another major problem with corn is that it’s used for animal feed. If that feed is made with GMO corn, then it will be in the meat you eat. This is where it gets a little complicated to make sure you are not consuming any GMOs. Because, if the animal consumed it, and you consume that animal, then you have those GMOs inside of you. Our best bet is to minimize our exposure as much we you can!

Another scary issue is that Monsanto is currently trying to get GMO sweet corn approved. We must fight this, join the fight. Sign this petition!

We must purge our food system of this GMO product, and all others!


You may ask cotton? Yes, Cottonseed oil is a GMO product! So are the clothes you are probably wearing! Yes, ugh that’s true! In my “Informative Products” section you will find a few links for Organic Cotton Clothing and other linens!

Cotton isn’t something we eat, but the cottonseed oil is and it’s in quite a few things! In fact, it’s the third in volume in the USA, behind Corn and, of course, soybean oil. Kind of sad that all three of our leading oils are GMO!

So watch for it on your labels and choose only organic cottonseed oil.


Now this one just got approved for use in the USA, despite a lot of opposition! Which just means we have to fight harder and get more people like those that choose to read my blog to speak out about things like this!

The scary thing about the alfalfa getting approved is that it is used for animal feed. Again the meat you eat is only as good as the things they eat. If it’s GMO food they are eating, well then that animal is going to pass those GMOs onto you!

I’ve read that alfalfa is a herbicide free crop, so why did they GMO it? Just so that Monsanto can have a patent on the seeds, that’s why! It’s crazy, these guys want to control our food supply from seed to you! And we end up being the guinea pigs in the end. They say it’s safe, but so did the tobacco companies, and look what happened with them!


Yep, that’s right they are GMOing Salmon! The GMO salmon can grow in half the time, so this makes it more profitable for the fish farms! I say so what! What’s wrong with the way they do it now? So it takes a fish it’s normal time to be ready to eat, who cares? I want a fish that is a fish and not some Frankenfish! We need to stop this crazy cycle of genetically modifying anything that we eat!

What happens if one of these fish gets out into the real world? Our real fish will be contaminated by this GMO DNA altered fish, which will pass on that DNA to it’s offspring, and we know fish usually have a lot of offspring, and the world will be overrun with fish that are out of control. Please watch this short video on YouTube: Frankenfish

There are many other crops that are GMO, like canola and sugar beets. Research your food!

In today’s GMO filled food world, we have very few choices. You can try to eat right by buying “Natural” products, but anything with this label is pretty much a waste because there are no standards for what is considered “Natural”! Don’t be fooled by that hype! Frito Lay was just sued over this type of misleading marketing! Click here to read about Frito Lay getting sued!

Now with Organic food there are actually labels that the manufacturers can put on their products to certify that they are organic. I am sure there is some margin for error, but for the most part these products should be 95% or more organic. That’s not bad compared to whatever else is out there! Although I would prefer it was 100%! Buying products with this label on them is your best bet!

Take a look at how the government classifies our food!

Now those of you that think organic food is costly and you can’t afford it… well ask yourself what is more costly? The food you eat today, or the medical problems you will probably have in the future? And I am not talking the distant future, because we all are susceptible to disease and harm to our bodies. It takes more time for some than it does for others to show symptoms of any disease. We are not all going to automatically get cancer at age 50, some will, some won’t and some already have! It’s a crap shoot when it comes to disease, but why should you risk making your chances higher by eating something that is not real food? GMO products are not real food, they have been altered.

Organic food prices will come down if we start buying more of them. It’s good for the land, it’s sustainable, and good for you. The vitamins and minerals in organically grown food is much higher than the processed garbage we are fed today. Organic food even tastes better!  I’ve heard that cows, given the choice between GMO feed and organic feed, can make the choice to eat the organic feed.. and they can’t even read. But they have a sense that tells them not to eat that garbage, yet that is what they feed most cattle that turns into your burgers and steaks. Therefore, the GMOs are in you. Free range cattle, eggs and chickens themselves are the best way to go.

I paid $12 the other day for a free range whole chicken, but I could have had a factory farmed one for about $8. We ate it tonight! That little extra I spent to me is worth the expense, because I hope that chicken got to eat bugs and grass like it was meant to and not some GMO corn laced chicken feed with growth hormones in it.. Although the standards on these things still are not as stringent as they should be, at least we have some sort of classification system. The only reason it’s more expensive is because there are not as many chickens being raised in a free range situation as there are chicken houses that mass produce chickens like they were widgets. It’s gross, it’s inhumane and it’s not something I want to eat anymore! The bad thing is that they can classify the type of egg laid by a chicken that stays in a building as cage free. Cage free doesn’t mean they had access to the outdoors.

I did enjoy eating that free range chicken tonight, with the piece of mind that I am doing my body good. Trying to stay GMO free is almost impossible, but you have got to reduce your consumption of GMOs at all costs. Find out what has GMOs in it! Use the guide found on it provides you with up to date information. You have to start someplace, it might as well be here! It is also a good site to educate yourself about GMOs, check out their entire site.

Thanks for your attention,

No GMO Joe

Hi Everyone, hopefully you are all healthy and happy today!

I wanted to let you know that I added a new section! My new “Informative Products” tab on my menu has some links to some amazingly informative books and movies and other documents that might interest you! If you have seen them or read them, then GREAT! If you haven’t, well I suggest you obtain copies and start educating yourself. You can get them through the links I provided from Or you can possibly find them in your local library, and for the movies check out for them.

I provide the links for you to purchase them for your own library, most are very inexpensive, some are outrageously pricey. I strive to provide you with the truth from other sources rather than just my ramblings. I also am not providing links to those books that are obvious propaganda from the chemical companies.

I hope you will check out the links. The do provide a source of income to help keep this blog going. I have also setup a way to donate through PayPal, if anyone cares to do so! Donations are obviously not required, I am just providing the link for those that can afford to help support the blog. There is no minimum donation, it’s whatever you want to give..


No GMO Joe

What’s a GMO?

No GMO Joe

What is a GMO and do we want it in our food? This is a 4 part video series that will inform you about GMO’s! Click Here to watch a video about it!

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, also known as GE (Genetically Engineered) or just GM . The name of it should be enough to scare you away from them….

To work, GMO’s change the DNA structures of the food… making them what I like to call FRANKENFOOD!

Unfortunately, GMO’s are everywhere and getting more prevalent by the day. More testing should have been done in labs, over years and years, before these things were let out into our food. Even if you don’t consume it personally, you could be getting it from the burger or chicken finger you ate for lunch. The animals are being fed GMO grains and therefore, so are you! They are hidden in many ways in other products from us.

Plants are not the only things being GMO’d! They are even trying to GMO fish, like Salmon! The GMO fish grows in half the time, so it’s great for the corporation that is selling the fish! Just like soybeans, corn, cotton and beets.. they supposedly have greater yields for the farmer, but at what cost to you and I? And what happens if one of these fish gets out of the farm and breeds with a normal salmon? Then the world is at risk! We will have GMO Salmon or other “fish” and nothing else.. this has got to be stopped! In fact a hearing was just held last week about GMO salmon. Once one fish gets approval, then they all will get approved like dominos falling…

GMO’s are not natural in any way, shape or form! They are mutations! People will say that our food has been modified already by cross breeding or some other form of combination, but these naturally occur in nature… not by injection of some concocted gene that helps a plant resist a pesticide or making an animal or fish growing faster than normal.

That’s enough for now,

No GMO Joe


Welcome to 

I appreciate you stopping in and your concern about GMO’s! My goal here is to provide information and helpful tips on how to avoid GMO’s, how you can help get GMO Labeling pushed through as law for food manufacturers and hopefully we can eliminate GMO’s from our food supply in the future.

Join me in this fight against GMO’s.

The best way to combat GMO’s at this time, other than signing the petitions and things that I will post later, is to buy ORGANIC FOOD! Yes it costs a bit more, but it’s not that much more expensive than your normal food. And the money you spend now will be saved on healthcare later.

I encourage you to do your own homework and not just take my word for it that GMO’s are a horrible thing. I will occasionally provide links to helpful websites and also informative materials (books, magazines, articles) that you may want to try to find online or in your library.

Here is a link for you to get started with

Yours Truly,

No GMO Joe