So.. it’s a few days after Christmas. I know you all ate food you know you shouldn’t have! GMO or not. It’s very hard to avoid at this time of the year. Cakes, puddings, candy, pies, breads, meats, salads and all sorts of interesting Christmas fair are abundant during the holidays. It’s very hard to avoid at a family get together, with this type of food, unless you brought everything you were going to eat yourself, you probably had to eat something that was laced with GMOs. I brought an organic salad to my family gathering. It was a hit, even got a few compliments! I try to bring my organic recipes to my family gatherings to entice my family to eat better. Probably falling on deaf ears though, but at least I know I am doing my body good.

If you did partake of the wonderful goodies your family prepared, that’s probably ok. Just be aware of how much processed food you eat, and the fact that most processed food contains some sort of GMO ingredient. You know most people are not making these goodies from scratch, where the ingredients may or may not be organic, but more than likely it’s coming from a box.

It’s time to get back to the all organic foods you should be eating.

If you had an all organic Christmas, that’s awesome!

Now the sad thing is, no matter how much you care about your family, convincing them to switch to all organic is hard. If your family is like mine, well, they don’t seem to care if the food they eat is organic or not. No matter how much I preach to them, they just give me that line; “We are all going to die anyway!” LOL, yes, but why make it a horrible and painful one? Oh well, I guess I will be the only one without some form of ailment that GMO’s can possibly cause.

Most of us in the USA do ingest GMOs, but limiting your exposure at least can be helpful. Read your food labels, use the NO GMO SHOPPING GUIDE. Download it, print it, and take it with you to the store… read the labels, compare to the list, and you will be wanting to buy nothing but Organic. Or at least wanting your food to have as few GMOs as possible! I doubt at this point that we can all avoid GMOs, but we can sure try our best to avoid them as much as possible, by using the guide religiously!

Cutting down on buying GMO products them will do two things! One, you’ll be healthier and have fewer ailments that are possibly linked to GMOs. And two, send a message to the food industry that we don’t want them in our food. I support the LABEL GMOS effort here in California! The effort is to get the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act  put on the ballot. If it gets on the ballot we will have a chance to get them to pass legislation that will require food manufacturers that use GMOs to let us know they are in our food. This will be huge! If it passes, and I surely hope it does, it will really send the food industry a message when consumers that are informed stop buying their frankenfood! I hope, if you live in California, that you will soon seek out the people that are trying to collect signatures and sign the petition! I also hope that once it’s on the ballot that you will vote in favor of getting our food labeled properly. I want to see food at the store that says “CONTAINS GMOS”! I will not buy these products and it will make it so much easier for me to shop and not have to read every ingredient list and refer to the NO GMO SHOPPING GUIDE as much! I am looking forward to that day!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I wish you a Happy “No GMO” New Year!