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World GMO production

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Today I wanted to post a link to a site that shows how GMO‘s are being banned around the world. It also shows the percentages of the crops that are GMO in the nations it lists. It has news reports and all sorts of goodies for those that want to be informed.




Organic Food? Too Pricey?

In today’s GMO filled food world, we have very few choices. You can try to eat right by buying “Natural” products, but anything with this label is pretty much a waste because there are no standards for what is considered “Natural”! Don’t be fooled by that hype! Frito Lay was just sued over this type of misleading marketing! Click here to read about Frito Lay getting sued!

Now with Organic food there are actually labels that the manufacturers can put on their products to certify that they are organic. I am sure there is some margin for error, but for the most part these products should be 95% or more organic. That’s not bad compared to whatever else is out there! Although I would prefer it was 100%! Buying products with this label on them is your best bet!

Take a look at how the government classifies our food!

Now those of you that think organic food is costly and you can’t afford it… well ask yourself what is more costly? The food you eat today, or the medical problems you will probably have in the future? And I am not talking the distant future, because we all are susceptible to disease and harm to our bodies. It takes more time for some than it does for others to show symptoms of any disease. We are not all going to automatically get cancer at age 50, some will, some won’t and some already have! It’s a crap shoot when it comes to disease, but why should you risk making your chances higher by eating something that is not real food? GMO products are not real food, they have been altered.

Organic food prices will come down if we start buying more of them. It’s good for the land, it’s sustainable, and good for you. The vitamins and minerals in organically grown food is much higher than the processed garbage we are fed today. Organic food even tastes better!  I’ve heard that cows, given the choice between GMO feed and organic feed, can make the choice to eat the organic feed.. and they can’t even read. But they have a sense that tells them not to eat that garbage, yet that is what they feed most cattle that turns into your burgers and steaks. Therefore, the GMOs are in you. Free range cattle, eggs and chickens themselves are the best way to go.

I paid $12 the other day for a free range whole chicken, but I could have had a factory farmed one for about $8. We ate it tonight! That little extra I spent to me is worth the expense, because I hope that chicken got to eat bugs and grass like it was meant to and not some GMO corn laced chicken feed with growth hormones in it.. Although the standards on these things still are not as stringent as they should be, at least we have some sort of classification system. The only reason it’s more expensive is because there are not as many chickens being raised in a free range situation as there are chicken houses that mass produce chickens like they were widgets. It’s gross, it’s inhumane and it’s not something I want to eat anymore! The bad thing is that they can classify the type of egg laid by a chicken that stays in a building as cage free. Cage free doesn’t mean they had access to the outdoors.

I did enjoy eating that free range chicken tonight, with the piece of mind that I am doing my body good. Trying to stay GMO free is almost impossible, but you have got to reduce your consumption of GMOs at all costs. Find out what has GMOs in it! Use the guide found on it provides you with up to date information. You have to start someplace, it might as well be here! It is also a good site to educate yourself about GMOs, check out their entire site.

Thanks for your attention,

No GMO Joe