Just a quick reminder for all my fellow Californians! Election day is coming soon, less than 30 days. We All need to vote YES on Prop 37, the LABEL GMO’s Proposition that is so important to the entire nation! We need to set an example and not be bullied by corporate thugs with deep pockets making stupid claims that it will hurt the companies that use them or that adding the label to their can or bag will cost so much more.. They put NEW and IMPROVED on everything…. they surely can stuff a NO GMO’s label on it, or say YES there are GMO’s in our product! The commercial that says something about labeling meat in pet food and not in our meat, is so bogus and not even a valid excuse to discount this prop. The dog food probably is more CORN based than our meat, even though the MEAT is fed CORN… ugh.. anyhow, I think the commercial is really weak in it’s message. Don’t be fooled by these No on 37 people, they are all corporate slimeballs that want to make the entire US population into guinea pigs for their experiments.. and until we all stand up and say NO WAY, which a YES ON 37 vote will do, then they have all the power and control over our food and can do what they want. 

Monsanto threatens to sue California over this… well so be it, but that won’t change the fact that people here are aware and want our food labeled and that we don’t want their FRANKENFOOD anymore! I would think they should be trying to each and everyone of us, instead of the State.. The state just does what the people want.. or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work..